Long before the advent of today's robots - ROVs - remotely operated vehicles,

man's obsession with the deep ocean required him to dive in man-made machines.

Such early machines were often just one breath from death......

MINISUB will follow the development of the manned submersible, from the earliest days to the present, and will be based on my thesis, The Evolution of The Manned Submersible, which I wrote as the Galbraith Wrightson Senior Research Fellow, at the University of Plymouth, way back in 1974.

The work will be significantly updated, in order to encompass developments in submarine design and technology, in the intervening three decades.

Lavishly illustrated, the draft manuscript will be available in the Spring of 2013

The magnum opus continues apace and a major milestone has been achieved with the completion, albeit in draft form, of the first 400 pages ( 31st May 2012)

Please contact me for details....