International Submarine Services Marseille, France

1973 - 1980

This website is dedicated to the memory of InterSub's founder and Managing Director Jean-Francois Durand, Technical Director Marc Henry & Commercial Director Jean-Jacques Moalic....

who were tragically taken from us, at Milan on 5th May 1978.

"They will always be remembered....and never forgotten"....

Marseille HQ - Nick, JFD and Marc Henry,1975

"It was one of those points in life, which we all experience at some time or other, when we know that nothing will quite be the same again. I still think about it today, wondering about the years I have enjoyed, since the moment I received the call from Marseille, with the awful news that they had gone. I wonder what JFD, Marc and Jean-Jacques might have gone on to achieve. But their abiding legacy is their beautiful children, and for us, the privilege of having known them."

Nick Messinger, General Manager Kvaerner-Intersub A.S. Joint Venture, Oslo, Norway, May 1978 

Founded in 1973, InterSub managed and operated a fleet of manned submersibles, worldwide.

InterSub was a joint-venture between Northern Offshore Limited and Monsieur Jean-Francois Durand.

The company was was set up to operate submersibles in the North Sea and the original idea was to combine the shipowning capability of Northern Offshore Ltd, with the many years experience in the submarine business of M.Durand. New operations pioneered by InterSub in the North Sea included: topographical investigations of gravity platform sites, bathymetric surveys, well head and pipeline inspection, non-destructive testing and underwater photography. 

In the beginning.....

MV Bay Shore, PC8B and HMS Belfast....

Tower Bridge, MV Bay Shore, PC8B and HMS Belfast...

Sad News to Report from Saigon

Received 3rd August 2017

Our dear friend and shipmate Emile Levesque has died in Saigon, after a long, bravely fought battle with cancer.

May he rest in peace.

With the most sincere condolences to his family, friends and and loved ones

Emile - seen here on the right, as Supervisor aboard InterSub Five


Just one of many e-mails of condolence:-

"Quelle tristesse d’apprendre le décès d’Emile Levesque. Nous nous sommes rencontré, en mer du nord, Aberdeen,  « Intersub One » et peut-être à l’Estaque, ma mémoire est un peu floue, mais j’ai toujours gardé son image. Ce fut un immense plaisir de lire son « le Bourlingueur de l’offshore ». Texte et anecdotes humoristiques font découvrir sa personnalité et ses aventures. C’est agréable à lire tout au long de son récit, surtout ses félicitations à Claudine et à toutes ces équipes jeunes et dynamiques à bord des navires Intersub dans cette belle période.

   Je partage le chagrin de Sophie-Emeline, sa fille qui a aidé et encouragé son père à écrire ses mémoires et aventures de sa belle carrière de géographe.

Bien amicalement à tous,

Eugene Broc.

Emile's excellent book is available from Amazon.....

Un bourlingueur de l’offshore : Mémoires et réflexions

A backpacker offshore : memories and reflections....

"This is a proper book with humour, elegance and a lot of very interesting anecdotes and must be read. The book is full of facts, correct references and local stories, I have never seen or read before."

Ingemar Curtsell (ex Royal Swedish Navy, sub commander, Comex diver, offshore engineer)

N’oubliez pas d’acheter l’Ebook sur Amazon :

Posted by NickM on 3rd August 2017

The two Bernards....

The loyal backbone of the Company....

Bernard Lengen

Bernard Lize....

Dick Winchester (Brit) & Vance Bradley (Yank) - two Old Comrades

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M. Jean-Francois and Mme. Claudine Durand, Houston Offshore Technology Conference 1974

Photo by NickM

InterSub's operational teams included pilots, engineers and technicians of many nationalities.

Jimmy Pye, Chris Stilton and Paul Orchard, with Dick Winchester and Diego the Diver - Messina Straits, TMPC contract.The orange can with 200m written on it is a shaped explosive charge used to destroy a pile of Kriegsmarine HE shells close to the pipeline route.

The Gallic charm of the French, mixed well with Englishmen - like the legendary Harry Bates, who was captured by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore, made to work on the Burma Railway, was torpedoed twice on the way to a POW camp in Japan, and saw the flash in the sky of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

The late Harry Bates - Zodiac driver, scuba-diver and renowned fisherman

Capabilities of the teams ranged from the operation of the submersibles in all their aspects, to the design and operation of sophisticated electronic equipment.

The US built Perry PC8B was the company's first operational

manned submersible.

Operating from her Support Ship, Nadir

InterSub was equipped exclusively with Perry submersibles.  Built at Riviera Beach, Miami, Florida,

their simple and rugged nature made them ideal for the tough conditions of the North Sea.

The mighty diver lockout submersible PC1202

And the advanced dry-transfer submersible PC1601

As the company developed and expanded, so did its underwater capabilities.

Seen above is Pilot George Bezak, about to dive with shaped charges designed to destroy glacier boulders,

as part of a production platform site clearance project..

The late, great, JFD......

It would be great to grow an InterSub web page, where we can keep in touch and exchange reminiscences of our time with this truly remarkable company.


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Download a PDF copy of this gripping article, published in March 1980 and featuring

Tony Miller, Mission Commander and Ted Jaynes, Observer.

I hold copies of English versions of the two InterSub videos, "Des Sous-Marins et des Hommes" and "Sous-Marins,Hommes et Tecniques", which are free to all ex-InterSub people. Just e-mail me with your address and I'll send you a copy!

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