Born on an Essex farm in the middle of the Second World War: from an early age I wanted to be a farmer and join the Essex Yeomanry.

But my Father, a Navy Commander, had other ideas, and packed me off to the training ship Worcester at 14.....

Worcester leaving photo April 1961 - newly appointed Midshipman RNR.

Joined P&O's ss Ballarat on the wool run to Australia, with six broad black stripes across my backside as a leaving gift from the Worcester.

Loved the P&O's main line passenger liners: Strathmore, Oriana, Orcades, Oronsay, Chusan

Passed for Master Class One Foreign Going in 1970

Awarded the Galbraith Wrightson Senior Research Fellowship in Maritime Studies

"Evolution of the deep diving submarine and its application to the offshore oil and gas industries."

Spent a summer month with this highly innovative Marseille-based submarine company, on board Le Nadir, charting the seabed in the Norwegian Sea.

Then they invited me to join them!

The Falklands War 1982

Boarding and briefing the merchant ships.....

Après la guerre.....

Late June 1982, with the Fleet Press Officer and my Admirals: Sir John Fieldhouse, Sir David Halifax and 'Spam'Hammersley.

I had lost a lot of weight and was rushed to hospital that very evening, with virus the back of the C in C's car!

Spent ten days in RAF Hospital Stanmore Park, in which I was the only patient......

Then I got my 'brass hat' and a commendation, which was nice!

My Father bought me my fine new Commander's hat...